Divisions &
Competition Criteria

0-11 Months- Baby Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

12-23 Months- Wee Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

2 Years- Tiny Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

3 Years- Petite Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

4 Years- Young Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

5-6 Years- Little Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

7-8 Years- Junior Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

Contestants compete in evening gown and fun fashion. Ages 3 and older will be ask a very simple on stage question. This is not scored, but gives contestants additional experience. Girls will need an escort on stage. This can be a parent, grandparent, sibling, etc. They need to be wearing the majority color of black. The top 5 plus photogenic advance to AmeriFest nationals. Contestants will come out in a parade to kick off the first show of the day wearing a white top of choice and denim bottoms along with their regional sash.

9-10 Years- Junior Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

11-12 Years- PreTeen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

13-14 Years- Mini Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

Contestants will compete in their choice of evening gown, interview, on stage question, and their highest scoring optional category. They may choose between Talent or Fun Fashion. Contestants can choose to do both optionals and the highest score will be used. The top 5 including photogenic advance to AmeriFest nationals.


15-16 Years- Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

17-23 Years- Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

24 -36 Years- Ms. Kentucky Bluegrass

24 - 45 Years- Mrs. Kentucky Bluegrass

37-55 Years- Ms. Kentucky Bluegrass Woman   (married or single with or w/o children)

Contestants will compete in evening gown, interview, on stage questions, and their highest scoring optional. Choosing between Talent, Fun Fashion, or Swimsuit. One category is included, but contestants are allowed to enter a second optional and the highest score will be used. You may not enter all 3 categories. The top 5 including photogenic advance to AmeriFest nationals.

30- 55 Years- Modern Woman Kentucky Bluegrass "Married or Single  (size 14+)

13-17 Years- Miss Teen Kentucky Bluegrass "Modern Teen"  (size 14+)

18-23 Years- Miss Kentucky Bluegrass "Modern Miss  (size 14+)

Contestants in the modern division must be a 14+ dress size and will compete in interview, opening , on stage question, and choose between talent or fun fashion. Contestants can choose to do both optionals and the highest score will be used. The top 5 including queen advance to AmeriFest nationals.

*Opening number theme will be posted closer to the pageant. 

*Official state tee will be available for pre-order to all contestants and is required for ages 9 and up.


Optional Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen  (judged on community service)

3-8; 9-14; 15 years + Years

A Bluegrass Civic Queen will be chosen in each session. This State Title qualifies for nationals. To enter, submit a 2 page maximum resume containing your name, age, photo, and community services you want to showcase. This should include an opening paragraph and closing statement of what your service means to you.


Countless Pageant Ambassador State Titles Available

Our Ambassador program is an amazing way to WIN! Ambassador queens are awarded beautiful crowns, $100 nationals pageant cash, silver tray, custom state Bluegrass sash, free vacation, diamond jewelry PLUS qualify for AmeriFest nationals this summer.

See sponsorship ad program for complete details!


Miss Congeniality Titles  (pre-teen, mini teen, teen, miss, ms, & plus )


Qualifying for AmeriFest US Nationals

Queens and Top Five Court



Civic Queen

Bluegrass Choice (fan votes)