Tiffany Redmon and Kurt Jordan serve as our official Kentucky Bluegrass Preliminary Directors. They bring a wealth of knowledge and exceptional leadership to our organization and we are honored to have them on our Bluegrass team!


It is NOT REQUIRED to do a prelim, you can still enter the state competition by applying for your regional title! However, competing in a preliminary gives you a hands-on experience competing in the Bluegrass system. Competition and scoring is designed to mimic our state event, which provides an excellent way to prepare. If you are selected as a preliminary winner, you also have the additional support of your preliminary directors to guide you along your journey to Miss Kentucky Bluegrass and your $75 regional title fee is paid in full as part of your preliminary prize package!

Winners of preliminary pageants are to submit their required ad page and $150 ad fee within 30 days of being crowned. State paperwork, entry fees, and photogenic is due by March 21, 2022- any other balances may be paid at the pageant. Details and forms found on the STATE PAGEANT page of this site. 


Contact Information:

Tiffany Redmon



January 8, 2022

Miss Shelbyville/Saddlebred

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Bourbon Capital/South Central

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If you have questions regarding the Miss Kentucky Bluegrass State Pageant please contact your state director, Dianne Turner.

859-625-8490 (text)


Preliminary Pageants